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"Cape Cod filmmaker shoots from the heart!"
-Cape Cod Times

Watch RIBBONS here:

ribbons is a powerful, poignant, and beautiful testament to all who’ve been lost, and a potent reminder to we who remain that the battle against AIDS has not
yet been won..."
-Michael Cunningham
"...a Poignant Elegy for Those Lost to AIDS, and
a Pact Between Generations."

“Watching ‘ribbons’ reminded me of when I strolled into the AIDS Quilt on the Washington Mall the first time it was displayed. Thank you, Brandon Cordeiro, for remembering all the beautiful souls we lost, and doing so in a way that left me feeling hopeful.”

- Peter Staley

HIV/AIDS-LGBT rights activist, known for founding the Treatment Action Group (TAG) and the educational website He is a primary figure in the Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague.

"Some issues touch the soul so deeply words could never explain them. Filmmaker Brandon Cordeiro show(s) 

just that in his powerful

short film."



Provincetown, a small harbor village at the very tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, was already a home to the LGBT community for a few decades when AIDS devastated its population in the mid-1980s. Ribbons is a short film that explores an episode in the life of a second generation Portuguese boy when his mother brings him to a community memorial service by the sea. The boy experiences firsthand the loss incurred by the epidemic, but also his community’s inspirational response to it; an event that as an adult helps him

understand the power of forming a bond with a kindred tribe.

Written, produced and directed by Brandon Cordeiro

Directorial debut.

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